Derby Pride Parade July 7th 2012 – Cancelled

The Derby Pride parade today hasĀ  been cancelled due to ‘health and safety reasons’. We would like to thank all the Muslims for the support they have shown in the planned counter demonstration. I know that many of you will be disappointed that they will not be able to confront the evil, but Alhamdulillah Allah (swt) knows our intention and will reward us accordingly. For all those that made placards and other such banners in preparation, please keep them safe, indeed they will come in use for next year’s gay parade, or can be used in other such demonstrations.

Out message to the LGBT group: you may have avoided the Muslims on this occasion, but know that your Lord (swt) is all seeing and all hearing and on the day of judgment you will be judged accoing to your actions. We ask you to leave this great sin that you are committing. We invite you to Islam and to the vastness and pleasure of the hereafter, and know that your Lord is not in need of your worship, but YOU are in need of Him. On the day of judgment we will say to Allah (swt) that we conveyed the message to you, if you embrace Islam you will live a good life and if you do not, then we the Muslims are rising and will continue to forbid the evil that you commit…

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Support for anti-gay pride protest shown from Muslims accross the UK

Since announcing the anti-gay pride protest in Derby City Center this saturday the 7th of July we have seen a wave of support from Muslims accross the UK. Pictures of home-made placards have been sent in showing some of the preparations made by Muslims.

We are also happy to report that word of the protest has reached other Muslim activists. Prominent Muslim campaigners (which I’m sure you can guess) have tweeted the protest and put it on their facebook. This is one of the main reasons for the large support and promise of attendance on the day that we have received thus far. We thank all the Muslims for the support thus far, and even if half of those who promise to attend actually turn up, then we will be looking at over 200 people easily. This promises to be one of the biggest protests of it’s kind in Derby. We ask the Muslims to continue in their preparations and to strengthen their resolve to make this the biggest and loudest protest ever. Takbeer! Allahu Akbar!

For further details please email on:

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PRESS RELEASE: Anti-Gay Pride Protest Derby July 7th

Derby Muslim Action Force will be coming to Derby City Centre on the 7th July 2012 in response to the LGBT Gay Pride March.

We will be holding a static demonstration, delivering speeches and discussing the Islamic viewpoint on the issue and will explain the Islamic verdict under an Islamic state on homosexuals.

We have garnered much interest from Muslims around the UK and are expecting this to be the biggest protest of the kind in Derby.

We will also be speaking out against the arrests and incarceration of Muslims who in the past have spoken out on the issue of homosexuality in Derby.

We invite the press to attend on the day and we can be contacted on the following details:

tel: 07766022232

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National Protest Against Gay Pride July 7th – Derby City Centre

National protest against homosexuality coming to Derby...

The anti-gay pride protest has been successfuly carried out for the past two years, despite the injust arrest and imprisonment of our fellow Muslims… this time we are going bigger than ever before, calling on Muslims from around the UK to support the protest.
The heat always seems to bring out the worst of this society and this summer is no different with the upcoming Gay Pride march in Derby on the 7th of July. As Muslims it is our duty to forbid this major, deplorable evil of society.

The past two years we have come and spoken out, confronting them on the day, urging them to follow a natural way of living as detailed in Islam. We have seen our brothers locked away in the prisons, and pursued in the courts, but despite the efforts of the enemies of Islam to silence us, we will not remain silent. This time we are going national, urging Muslims from around the UK and abroad to come and show their support. We have already had support from Muslims in Manchester, London, Stoke, Leicester, Nottingham, Luton, Ireland, Scotland as well as many more.

We will be speaking about the Islamic viewpoint on the issue of homosexuality in Islam, how homosexuals in society should be viewed and what the Islamic verdict is on homosexuals under an Islamic state.

Detials of Protest:

We will be meeting in Derby City Centre at 11.30 a.m

Precise meeting details will be put up later this week.

Brothers and Sisters come and spread the word of this protest and show your support. Indeed they wish to extinguish the light of Allah (swt), but we will not be amongst those who will hang their heads in shame of the day of judgement because they were too afraid of the disbelievers to forbid the evil…

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